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Rock The LOK!

"Loknob is a revolutionary product invented by a musician for musicians solving a long time problem of lost settings. Upgrade your existing knobs on your amp, pedals, mixer, guitar, almost anything with a potentiometer ,with an all aluminum ,quality made reusable knob that does more than just look pretty!"

~Tony LiVolsi, Loknob inventor and President

What Inspired Loknob?

Being a gigging guitar player for over 25 years,  one of my biggest challenges was getting the best sound out of my amplifier and effect pedals. This takes a lot of time.

I would finally have a great sound, but by the time I got to the next gig my settings had moved during transport. So I came up with a brilliant idea and I wrote down all my settings for my 24 knob amplifier and effect pedals on a piece of paper so when I got to the gig I could get out my flashlight and turn my settings on my amp and pedals back to my favorite settings. It worked but was time consuming.

I asked some of my guitar player friends what they did. Some said they would draw lines on their amp with marker then turn the knob to it. Another solution was to set them then put masking tape across them so they wouldn't move. I myself had a problem defacing my $2,000.00 amp head with marker or tape so the settings on a sheet of paper was fine for me, but I knew there had to be something better.

I decided it was time to fix this problem so I invented LOKNOB.

LOKNOB is a knob that not only replaces but upgrades the existing knob and it can lock in your setting. It will fit all types of potentiometers like the popular D shaft or splined shaft. It retrofits easily on most amplifiers,effect pedals,sound boards,powered speakers ,electric keyboards, and even guitars and basses.

Changing settings with LOKNOB is a one handed operation, so they can be easily be changed while playing guitar. They come  in 3  sizes to fit different applications. LOKNOB is also removable and reusable so you can move it to your new favorite amp,pedal or whatever you decide to put it on. So there you have it. LOKNOB is a product invented by a musician for musicians that solves a long time headache!