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THE LOKNOB is an upgrade to from your existing knobs. Machined out of 6061t6 aluminum and comes in machined silver or anodized black. Loknob will allow you to make adjustments to your effects, tone, or volume easily by just pulling up and turning while protecting your settings from accidental changes during transportation. The large 3/4" OD Loknob has a NEW UNIVERSAL MOUNT SYSTEM to fit most pot sizes ! The smaller 1/2"OD Loknobs work great for smaller applications like boss type pedals or mixing boards or anywhere there is limited space and also have our NEW UNIVERSAL MOUNT SYSTEM!  
 THE FUGGEDABOUDIT TOUR CAP is for those knobs that RARELY need adjustment. The TOUR CAP hides your signature settings as there is no set line and replaces your existing knob and retaining nut. Set your pot to desired setting and screw TOUR CAP on and FUGGEDABOUDIT!  If you need to change settings just unscrew easily by hand, readjust potentiometer and screw TOUR CAP back on. IT DOESN'T GET MUCH EASIER THAN THAT! Works great in conjunction with THE LOKNOB so mix them up to fit your needs! Made of machined 6061t6 aluminum and it's and built to last. Comes in m7 thread for splined shaft pots and 3/8 thread for CTS style pots. These come in 3/4"OD and now in 1/2" OD as well!
THE NUT-HUGGA is a device that attaches to your existing knob and applies more resistance to potentiometer making it harder to turn. The harder you push your knob down the harder it is to turn.  NUT-HUGGA uses your original knob. These are great for guitars and basses especially those pesky Strat knobs you always hit by accident and is an entry level alternative to LOKNOB and FUGGEDABOUDIT for pedals ,amps, or anything with a potentiometer. Feel free to email us with any questions or comments @